Making The Bobtail Rangerover

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I had several reasons for cutting the back of my rangie;

My thoughts were if the tank and pump were inside the car then 'how could I get crap in them?' and 'If the tank comes in the back then I just as well cut the back of the car off'. Hehehe... not so easy... well... it seems easy enough!

I am determined NOT to end up with a pick-up like so many other bobtails do. I know it will be a headache to do the sides and roof but it can be done.

Please bear in mind that my car is mine. Everything I do is for myself. If you copy or attempt to do anything that you see on this page or within my site you do at your own peril. I will try and point you in the right direction. You mess up or cut your arm off... I don't wanna know!!

Things done before Picture 1.

I guess thats it.... next question is where do I make the first cut? Well, every cut I made I decided as it all went along. It was all a while ago but looking at the pictures brings alot of memories back. I wanted to keep a full wheel arch (see pic 1) so my 1st chalk line went just next to it. Keeping the shape of the rear part of the inner wing I made a second line. Again, see pic 1. After lots of measuring and sitting back to imagine how it would look, checking and rechecking I made the first cut and trimmed the 'very rear piece of inner wing' Pics 2, 3, 4, and 5 give a bit of insight on how things were done/look. Pic 6 is a good picture that shows the shape of the 'very rear piece of inner wing'. I have wedged it into position to see how it will look.
Pic 7. Do the same to the other side!!
Pic 8. Both sides gone and the roof is swinging in the breeze. I never took the roof off at the start because I just guessed I wouldn't have to and if I did I would!
Pic 9 & 10. Get the welder in! Mark just loves a challenge. Both sides tacked on and the rear frame partly bolted on to see if things were going well/straight.
Pic 11 & 12. The rear frame is on. Time to go to bed!
Pic 13. The chassis is cut back to a suitable point. (pic 14 shows this better) and whilst waiting for the welder I started on measuring and cutting the outer wing skins. Being aluminium they cut and shape real easy. Pic 13 also gives a little insight as to how the finished product will look.
With the rear tailgate frame attached you can get a measurement of where the chassis need to sit for the rear body mounts to line up.
Pic 15. Mark gets to work with his plates of steel and the chassis is back together with new mounting rubbers and bolts.
Now for the biggest headache.By now you will realise that the roof is shaped in many ways and is made of aluminium. As Mark doesn't have the equipment to weld aluminium we decide to cut, overlap, seal and rivit. Pete turns up to help! (Pic 18 & 19).

Although the pictures stop here their is still quite alot of work to do. In no particular order;

So basically thats it!

I have 2 pics in the EFI album that show my fuel tank and compressor (arb lockers) situated. Click here to open the album in a seperate window. The spare wheel can also be seen as it no longer can sit in its carrier behind the wheel arch.

One more problem.... THE BACK OF THE CAR SITS TOO HIGH!!!! Time for the Old Man Emu upgrade.

Feel free to mail me if you have any questions.